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Brand Development Strategy that wins customers

Brand Development Strategy that wins customers

A brand development strategy is a long-term plan devised by companies to ensure the brand is desirable and identifiable by customers.

It’s what people buy into and how you win the hearts and minds of your audience.

A brand development strategy should ideally include the brand’s promise, its identity, and its mission. It is the role of the marketer to align the brand strategy with the business’ overall vision and mission

What you’ll learn

Brand Development Strategy that wins customers & drives growth

Leading with product to generate growth

How to lead with product; to generate growth

Product-led growth (PLG) has been a significant trend in the tech industry for some time, but over the last couple of years, it has gained even more momentum. What was once purely a concept has now become a strategic necessity, particularly for SaaS providers and other tech companies.

However, the concept of PLG is not limited to tech companies and any organisation that sells products or services can use this approach to drive growth.

What you’ll learn

A guide to leading with product to generate growth

The framework for magnetic inbound marketing

Striking the balance between long term “must haves” and short term results

Our life as consumers, together with some popular misconceptions of what “marketing” is,
create an image much more closely aligned to traditional outbound tactics, than to inbound ones.
The reality is that outbound tactics have struggled to produce results for a long time now, and the marketing which achieves results in 2023 is typically on the inbound side of the aisle.

What you’ll learn

The framework for magnetic inbound marketing

Removing the ‘marketing fluff’ from ABM

Five non-negotiables for achieving your ABM strategy

Account Based Marketing (ABM) can be a term which marketers live in fear of, or execs loathe to hear.

Or, it can be a methodology for pipeline generation and protection that makes life simpler, more focused, and more effective.

In our introductory guide we aim to remove some of the ‘marketing fluff’ and technical jargon from the subject of ABM.

What you’ll learn

Removing the marketing fluff from ABM

The definitive guide to SEO by Incisive Edge

Six elements of SEO that anybody can use to get them off the mark

At Incisive Edge we keep SEO at the core of our projects, because we recognise the impact that Google and other search engines can have on your business. This guide captures some of our SEO data scientist Adrian Faiers’ favourite recommendations when speaking to clients.

What you’ll learn

The definitive guide to SEO

The Tech Founder’s Guide to Startup Marketing

Six simple steps to generate leads and drive revenue growth

We are witnessing a time when technology is making marketing easier than ever before, but where navigating the complexity and getting it right has never been so hard. That’s why we wrote this simple-to-use guide. We’ll help you understand the dynamics of startup marketing and show you how to cost-effectively generate leads and drive revenue growth.

What you’ll learn

The Tech Founders Guide to Marketing

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