How Fractional CMOs Can Help You Scale Your Business

If you’re looking to scale your business but aren’t keen on taking on a number of new recruits, you might want to consider hiring a fractional CMO. A fractional CMO – also known as a fractional Chief Marketing Officer – works on a part-time basis to help you develop and execute a successful marketing strategy that can lead to significant growth. 

In this post, we’ll take you through a description of the role and benefits of the fractional cmos and hiring a fractional CMO, discuss how they could boost your business as well as a quick rundown on what you should look out for when recruiting a fractional CMO.

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What is a fractional CMO?


A fractional CMO is a marketing executive that works with multiple companies on a part-time basis to help them take their marketing to the next level. Think of them as dedicated marketing consultants. They typically come with years of experience and have worked in companies across a variety of industries. They can bring expertise, skills and resources to the table at your business to help you achieve your marketing goals and scale up. 

The perks of hiring a fractional CMO


Apart from the obvious – elevating your digital marketing strategy and game – fractional CMOs can also offer a number of other benefits for your business. Here are some of the main ones:


When you compare the cost of hiring a fractional CMO to hiring a full-time, marketing director, executive or team – or indeed working with consultants on a temporary basis – the former usually works out as far more cost-effective. There’s no training required as these guys already come with the talent and experience, and, as they’re working as contractors part-time, you have less to pay in the way of benefits and taxes.

Experience and skill level

Fractional CMOs are an experienced bunch and have often worked with a multitude of companies in different commercial areas. They have the skillset to revolutionize your marketing strategy and help you scale. 

A new perspective

Fractional CMOs arrive at your company with a fresh set of eyes and, unlike business owners or long-time employees, have no particular affection or attachment to the organization. This means they can often identify where you can improve and help make more cut-throat marketing decisions. 

What to look for in a fractional CMO

If all this has convinced you and you’ve decided to go ahead and hire a fractional CMO, make sure you bear in mind the following factors when recruiting:

Level of experience

While most fractional CMOs are far from new to the full marketing leadership game, you may want to look out for ones that have previous experience working in a company that resembles yours – either in size, industry or goals. Candidates should come to interview armed with references and a track record, making this an easy thing to find out.

Communication abilities

One of the main skills a fractional CMO should possess is top-notch communication. This is because they’ll have to liaise with multiple team members and departments, including stakeholders. Plus, an essential quality is being adept at conveying complex marketing ideas to regular folk. Fortunately, communication skills usually come off in interviews, meaning you’ll know well ahead of time whether that’s an ability they possess or not. 

Strategic mind

Naturally, in order to formulate an effective strategy you need to have the ability to think strategically. Part of this involves identifying opportunities in the market and methods for capitalizing on them. Make sure you hire a fractional CMO that can adapt their marketing plan to your organization and its specific goals. 

Data comprehension

Finally, your fractional CMO should be able to demonstrate a keen ability to analyze marketing data and trends to inform your marketing strategy. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Fractional Chief Marketing Officer 

What is the cost of hiring a fractional CMO?

The cost of working with a fractional CMO is widely variable and depends on their level of experience and the tasks at hand. They will typically charge you a monthly fee as well as bill by the hour. 

How is a fractional CMO different from a full-time CMO?

While a full-time CMO has a permanent contract with your company and works full-time hours, a fractional CMO is considered a contractor, works on a part-time basis and is often working with several companies simultaneously. 

Will I see fast results with a fractional CMO?

The timeframe for seeing results will depend on what your goals are as well as the complexity of your marketing strategy. Scaling the business, for instance, is more of a long term goal and it may take over a year before you see tangible results. The outcome of your marketing tactics or improving your reach by penetrating social media channels, on the other hand, will be visible within a matter of weeks or months.

Can I work with a fractional CMO without having a marketing team?

An in-house marketing team is not prerequisite to hiring a fractional CMO. Instead, they can simply work with yourself and other team members to achieve your marketing goals. 

Fractional CMOs: The answer to scaling your business

Hiring a fractional CMO can make a huge difference to your marketing results and how quickly and successfully you’re able to scale your business. With their skills, experience and resources, you’ll be able to put together a marketing budget and orchestrate a marketing strategy that will expand your reach exponentially.

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